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10 Best Tourist Attractions in Canberra Australia

Lake Burley Griffin

Canberra, the city that lies between Sydney and Melbourne, is hidden away in the state of ACT (Australian Capital Territory). Canberra is full of cultural treasures, attractions and activities, there are many top rated tourist attractions for locals and tourists alike. This laidback city is especially packed full of museums, galleries and historic culture that anyone seeking to learn more about the history of Australia within a relaxed environments is worth to check out. Here are the top 10 rated tourist attractions in Canberra 1. Lake Burley Griffin Image: Flickr (Percita) At the centre of Canberra lies the beautiful Lake…

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Top 10 Diving Spots In Croatia

Croatia is already known as a tourist-friendly country and the internet is full of different guides on what to visit and to experience while here. However, not many people know that Croatia is also perfect if you want to have some more “adventurous” activities. For example, Croatia is a great place for sea-related activities, and you have a lot of places in which you can have an unforgettable experience. This country is becoming more and more popular for its scuba diving locations and a lot of divers are coming to Croatia instead of any other exotic countries. Bellow, we will…

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Travel With Power: 10 Countries With Most Powerful Passports

Travel With Most Powerful Passports

All passports are not the same. Some give you significantly more power to travel where you please than others. This is useful information for several reasons. You should want to know how much freedom your own country provides in this regard. If you’re considering the possibility of becoming an expatriate, you’ll also want to know the advantages of obtaining different passports. The following are the 10 most powerful passports in the world. Finland With a passport from Finland, you can visit 143 countries without a visa. Finland is part of the EU, so this passport gives you access to all other…

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10 Things To Do In The Lake District

Whether you’re planning a trip to the United States but haven’t yet chosen a destination or you’re an American looking for some of the more beautiful sights that your country has to offer, the sheer size of the United States can make narrowing down your options a difficult thing. Natural beauty, amazing cityscapes and unique people await you in every corner of the country – here are 10 Flickr groups to discover awesome U.S. places to go next: 1. About USA Travel Showcasing nature, outdoor adventures and the wide variety of travel opportunities that the United States has to offer,…

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10 Destinations You Must Visit this Winter 2015

Feeling unprompted, this winter? Do you love to travel in winter? Whether your passion some sun and fancy a trip to the stunning winter just pack your bag and explore the world. To help you select the place we have the perfect winter destination for you and picked our top 10 winter destinations in the world. Check them out here: Amalfi Coast, Italy Image Source: Andalucía, Spain Image Source: harshilshah Budapest, Hungary Image Source: Dennis Jarvis Dominican Republic Image Source: HazPhotos Greek Isles Image Source: edwardweston52 Los Angeles Image Source: Ana Gremard Nagano, Japan Image Source: lestaylorphoto Rio de…

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