Travel in Singapore

Singapore, formally the Republic of Singapore, is an island country situated at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and consists of 63 islands. It is one of three true city-states in this part of the world, meaning that it is governed completely by itself alone. Singapore is the smallest nation in Southeast Asia. Singapore settlements have been recorded as early as 2nd Century AD. Singapore was once the site of a Malay fishing village located at the mouth of the Singapore River.

In 1819 the British East India Company established a trading post on the island and Singapore became an important trading post along the spice route. It was engaged by the Japanese during World War II then reverted to British rule immediately after the war. However on August 9, 1965 Singapore proudly became an independent republic and it joined the United Nations that same year. Singapore’s population is about 4.59 million. It is a highly cosmopolitan city with significant cultural variety with the majority of its populace being Chinese. The official language of the country is English.

Singapore is a multi-religious country. Around 51% of Singapore residents practice Buddhism and Taoism. 15% practice Christianity, Muslims constitute 14% of the population while the rest of the populace practices Hinduism, Sikhism, and the Bahai Faith or declares no religious faith. Some religious practices however are banned in Singapore, including the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Singapore has a steamy rainforest climate with no distinctive seasons. Its climate is characterized by uniform temperature, high humidity and abundant rainfalls. The relative humidity is around 90% in the morning and 60% in the afternoon. June and July are the hottest months while November and December typically experience monsoons. The length of the day is constant year round due to Singapore’s close location to the equator.

Since the 1990s Singapore government has worked towards establishing the country as a center for arts and culture. Tourists frequent the Esplanade, a magnificent center for the performing arts that opened on October 12, 2002. Singaporeans also participate in a wide variety of sports including football, swimming, cricket and badminton among others.

Bars, brew pubs, sports bars and restaurants are typical tourist haunts. Nature lovers should visit the gorgeous Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoological Gardens. Night owls will enjoy the impressive Night Safari specifically designed for viewing at night. For a sight into Singapore historical culture, try visiting the Changhai Chapel and Museum. The Sri Mariamman Temple and Sultan Mosque are magnificent religious temples open to the public.

The Escape Theme Park is Singapore’s largest outdoor theme park. It boasts wet and dry rides for the whole family including the Kite Flyer, the only Asian ride that suspends riders solely by a shoulder harness! The highly impressive Singapore Johore Battery Chanqi is a war monument site dating back to the early 1940s. And the Sir Stamford Raffles Statue is a commemoration to the Lieutenant-Governor of Java and Bencoolen and founder on Singapore. Singapore offers a plethora of gorgeous sites, exquisite cuisine and exciting tourist attractions certain to accommodate every tourist’s interests.