Why Tunisia A Good Holiday Destination

If you love sea, sun, history and tradition Tunisia are a perfect holiday destination for you. Tunisia is a North African country where souls, medians, and mosques freckle the towns and villages, while ancient cities give way to salt lakes and citrus groves.

Imagine soft white beaches with warm Mediterranean seas surrounded by low rise luxury hotels and great restaurants looking over the waves. It already sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Tunisia Map

Well now let’s close our eyes and dream of great green mountains with white water rivers running through fertile valleys into huge blue lakes and you must be warming to the idea. Add to this some absolutely fabulous weather and the Sahara and you have a land of beauty and mystery that really is becoming the perfect holiday destination.

Tunisia has a superbly rich history and the ancient cities dating back for thousands of years are the stuff that legends have been made of. This is where the Carthaginian Empire called home and planned their battles with powers of Rome. There have also been Vandals, Byzantine, Arab Caliphates and Ottoman rule at one time or another, so for the history buff, this place is as close to paradise as you are likely to find.

Then there are the leisure opportunities that come to a country that has such a wide range of fortunate resources. You could try sailing on the wonderful blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea as well as windsurfing and scuba diving.


In fact, if water is your favorite place to play then Tunisia is a playground that you will definitely love. But if you would rather keep your feet dry then there are plenty of other things to do.

You could try your swing at one of the many great golf courses that are scattered around Tunisia or you could even become an explorer for a day and take a trip across the Sahara. This is a land where dreams can come true and there is a wonderfully magical feel to the whole of Tunisia.

Of course the world famous cities are great for visiting and the Roman ruins and other ancient temples will delight everybody and give plenty of opportunities for photos. But there is also the shopping and the many bazaars and alleyways of the towns are perfect for picking up a holiday reminder or even a magical trinket or two, although the magic is likely to only be in your memory.

Where to visit in Tunisia:

Yasmine Hammamet: next to the small town of Hammamet.

Port El Kantaoui: is sited next to the large city of Sousse

Sousse and Skanes: Sousse is one of the largest cities in Tunisia with an historic walled Medina.

Skanes is a beachfront area situated near Monastir airport and about halfway between the towns of Monastir and Sousse

Djerba: is a small island off the south coast of Tunisia.

So rather than shelling out for the same old vacation this year, why not really be adventurous and head to a small country with a very big heart. Tunisia is fast becoming one of Africa’s premium holiday destinations and when you arrive you will realize precisely why.

Image Credit: archer10 (Dennis) Flickr