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The Best Vienna One Day Trip for Tourists

There is literally no way to see all the tourist attractions in one single day in Vienna. However, if you plan the whole day out in advance, you can surely be part of an unforgettable one-day trip. It would be a mistake to waste even a single hour in this city.

All you need to do is to choose the locations you want to visit wisely and manage your time a bit. I know, there are infinite variations when it comes to Vienna’s museums, palaces, restaurants, clubs and cafés. There is too much to see, and the more you want to see in a single day, the less time you have to enjoy it.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. My ready-made plan will ensure you a breathtaking trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Below you can find my favorite locations in Vienna that I often recommend to my friends.

The Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens

Schönbrunn Palace and GardensThe Schönbrunn is an 18th-century architectural masterpiece with a huge garden that will leave you speechless. If there is one attraction you have to check out in Vienna, this is definitely it. You can take a long walk in the park while enjoying the view.

Tourists are allowed to check out the rooms of Empress Maria Theresa. The Breakfast Room and her garden apartments are perfectly preserved, allowing you to travel back to her time. If you feel like it, you can even enter the oldest zoo in the world.

The Schönbrunn Palace itself offers so many attractions that you can spend the whole day there. It is a huge area where you can discover the many faces of beauty and art.

The Albertina

Albertina MuseumIn my opinion, Albertina is the most breathtaking museum you can visit in Vienna. Collections of the most significant artists in modern art are all exhibited there. You can check out all the avant-garde, expressionist, fauvist, secessionist and impressionist masterpieces at one place.

The great names that created these art pieces – just to mention a few – are Modigliani, Brach, Picasso, Ernst, Klimt, Chagall and many more. The Albertina is a beautiful palace in of itself. It was also the home of the Habsburg archdukes for a whole century.

The collection consists of paintings, drawings and sculptures as well. The palace was built back in the 17th century and has been renovated once. Besides the collections that are owned by the Albertina museum, there are occasional temporary exhibitions as well.

Café Sacher

The place where you can taste the finest and most authentic Sacher cake. This café is part of the historic Hotel Sacher and takes you back to the early 1800s. Word has it that this café has the original Sacher cake recipe in its possession.

It is an outstanding place for a coffee and some cake. Also ideal for a long talk and to get some rest during your trip. When it comes to the Sacher Hotel, I would say without hesitation that it is the most beautiful one in Vienna.

The interior is simply amazing. Now, we are obviously talking about a 5-star hotel here so it is not cheap but if you can afford it, then go for it. Either way, make sure to check out its interior while you are there. That combination of furniture, decoration and architecture can’t be seen elsewhere.

Zwolf Apostelkeller

It is time to recommend a restaurant in case you get hungry while sightseeing. Zwolf Apostelkeller is my favorite place to eat Austrian food at. It is basically a beer hall decorated in an old, somewhat medieval style that takes you back to the earlier days of Vienna.

You can order delicious Austrian dishes from their English menu. The place gives you the opportunity to try out a wide range of specialties and to follow it up with a cup of excellent beer.

The historic cellar would have worth a visit even if there was no restaurant there. It exists since the early 1300s, with the Gothic arches being added in the 1500s and the baroque facade shaped in 1700s.

Club Maxim Wien

The nightlife is always buzzing in Vienna. You only need to know a popular club or two and you are set for an awesome night. Maxim Wien is a versatile club where you can party with your friends or have a few drinks at the bar, in the company of beautiful girls.

The place also functions as one of the best brothels in Vienna. People in the city know that whenever Maxim announces a party, it is going to be a crazy one. Famous singers, rappers and DJs are always included in their repertoire.

Whether you are interested in the culture of brothels or not, you can have an enjoyable time in this club. There is usually no entry fee but even when there is, you can get a drink or two in exchange for the ticket.

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