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Hidden Beaches of South Florida

South Florida is one of the most popular tourism destinations within the United States. The region boasts a staggering number of beautiful beaches, exciting attractions and warm weather all year round. The majority of visitors head to the busier and more touristy beaches like South Beach in Miami or the large stretches of sand in the Florida Keys. For something more unique and off the beaten track, consider the secluded and private beaches of Southern Florida. These destinations give visitors the perfect opportunity to spend time with family, get closer with a loved one or just enjoy the scenery in solitude and peace. If you plan to visit South Florida in the future, be sure to visit one or more of these beautiful secluded beaches:

1.Keewaydin Beach:

This may be one of the most exclusive beaches in Florida as well as the most beautiful. Keewaydin beach is only accessible by boat from the nearby Marco Island in the Florida Keys. The only other visitors to the stunning coast will be boaters who are moored off the shore. Spend the day at the beach snorkelling, swimming or exploring the breathtaking natural scenery and wildlife of Keewaydin beach. There are no accommodations on the beach itself but there are several Florida villas available for rent on Marco Island in the Florida Keys.

the public beach at Keewaydin

2.Clam Pass Park:

The city of Naples is known for being home to many popular beaches and attractions. Although much of the area is crowded throughout the year, there remains one beach which is rarely busy and can provide seclusion thanks to the mile long boardwalk that offers the only access to the beach. The Clam Pass Park is over thirty acres of preserved coast that is home to birds, mammals and fish. Enjoy the walk through the mangrove forest in order to get to the exclusive beach. Accommodations include the option to rent villas, hotel rooms or budget hostels in the city of Naples.

3.Delray Beach:

This beach offers a beautiful stretch of white sand that is rarely crowded outside of the busiest summer weekends. During the week a few residents visit the shore but the majority of tourists are relaxing on the crowded nearby beaches of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Delray offers visitors a private and secluded shoreline as well as a charming town that borders the beach. Accommodations in the area are affordable but there are no budget options within a thirty minute drive.

4.Anne’s Beach:

While the Florida Keys are known for being home to a staggering number of beaches, many of them can be crowded or only available for hotel guests. Anne’s Beach is the exception and is located under an overpass on the highway between Key West and Miami. Pull over and enjoy free parking and even pet-friendly access. For a real exclusive adventure rent a boat nearby for fifty dollars and head out to the sandbars away from shore. Park the boat and enjoy your own private sandbar island for the day.

St Anne’s Beach, which is located near to the Florida keys.

5.Blowing Rocks Preserve:

This isolated beach in Palm Beach County is situated between beaches known for high entry fees, rich residents and a crowded environment. Blowing Rocks Preserve does have an entry free, but for $2 per person it is very reasonable. The short drive through mangrove forests discourages visitors from visiting Blowing Rocks Preserve and means that those who do make it often have the beach to themselves. Enjoy hiking, swimming and snorkelling. Upscale accommodations can be found nearby in Palm Beach or Boca Raton, Florida.

With the help of this guide to hidden beaches in South Florida visitors will have no problem finding the ideal place to relax on their upcoming vacations.