Holidays In Egypt: Romantic Trips For Two

Holidays in Egypt provide the perfect setting for marriage proposals, as there are so many beautiful and romantic activities you can do together. Whether you want to sail down the Nile, climb up to the top of a pyramid or enjoy a meal in a top restaurant, Egypt is the country to visit. Other romantic destinations for couples are the picturesque landscapes of Turkey and Greece.

In Egypt, you can visit a variety of places together such as the Avenue of the Sphinxes and the pyramids of Cairo. A felucca boat trip along the Nile is an intimate way to experience the world’s longest river, with each boat accepting no more than eight passengers. This experience can be particularly romantic, providing a once-in-a-lifetime setting in which to propose.

Boat trips through Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait also provide an idyllic setting for couples. This Strait spans 32km, joining the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea. A great experience is to book a half-day cruise towards the Black Sea, then return to Istanbul via land along the country’s stunning coastline. A trip along the Bosphorous takes you through Istanbul’s city centre, where you’ll be able to see its landmarks from the most remarkable angle. Holidays in Turkey also offer couples the chance to experience the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya, Grand Bazaar market and the Spice Bazaar also all inclusive holidays dalaman. Antalya also provides an ideal proposal setting, with its cascading waterfalls and peaceful atmosphere.

Proposers who are on a budget should seriously consider cheap holidays in Greece. An especially romantic destination is Santorini island, which offers beautiful landscapes of colourful cliffs, a volcano and spectacular sunsets. As the sun falls from the sky each night, the colours electrify the night sky, creating the perfect setting in which to propose in.