The 6 Coolest Places to Get Married

Coolest Places to Get Married

When you say your vows you want to do is somewhere memorable and somewhere great. Think about the awesome pictures you will have and how everyone will be talking about your wedding! Below are some of the coolest places to have a wedding.


This is one of the best places ever to get married. We have Orlando with Disneyworld and for that person wanting a princess type wedding, you can do that right at Disney. After that, you and your guests can have some fun touring places such as Universal Studios, the Kennedy Space Center, taking a Disney cruise or just playing around Disneyworld for a few days.

One of the neatest wedding locations is the Four Seasons Palm Beach Resort. Because of their wedding popularity, they have very skilled wedding planners who know how to make that dream wedding come true.

There are so many other places along the coastal waters to get married and the climate is just perfect for people to come and have some sun and fun.

New Zealand

Lots of places have gorgeous views for a wedding, but nothing is near as amazing as the awesome panoramic views of the mountains, lakes, rivers and the rugged landscape of New Zealand.

This is a majorly top wedding spot and would make the best pictures ever! Remember the incredible scenery in the Lord of the Rings movie?

That was shot in New Zealand and is now one of the biggest hot spots for tourists. Imagine taking a helicopter to the top of one of the mountains in New Zealand and exchanging vows!


Jamaica has everything for a great wedding. They have the mountains, rainforests, caves and beaches. They have beautiful Caribbean culture all over to make for some lovely scenery and pictures.

The Caribbean offers tons of wedding packages that are all inclusive and make it affordable for the couple and their guests. The Light House Terrace is surrounded by beautiful, blue ocean and would make the perfect spot for an amazing wedding.

Get married ate sunset in Negril which has the most wonderful breezes and gorgeous sunsets anywhere!

New York

New York is just perfect for a great wedding. The city is beautiful and has the most amazing spots to choose to get married at. The Foundry is host to many weddings. The building is old exposed brick and is a perfectly exquisite place for pictures.

Queens has always been a great spot to have a wedding. Getting married at the boathouse right over the lake in Queens is perfect. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is awesome and with so many vacation rentals in New York, it’s the most perfect inexpensive place for your guests and family to stay.


For those not minding a bit of travel, London is amazing for a wedding! Eltham Palace is the perfect pick for a wedding location. It has medieval gardens and an Art Deco mansion that are perfect for a stunning wedding.

The backdrop in the mansion is incredible for a wedding and reception. Go very unique and original by getting married at the London Eye.

You can have a ceremony timed perfectly so that when you say “I Do” you are the very top of the wheel. Who else can say they got hitched at 400 feet above London grounds?


Italy is a legendary place to get married. The romantic churches and the amazing old architecture make a perfect place in the city of love to get married.

The setting of Romeo and Juliet, many couples hope to have just as passionate of a wedding and life together after getting married in Italy. In the spring months the flowers make the most sensational odor mixed in with the nice breeze.

Having a spectacularly great wedding can be done. Go with some individuality and uniqueness when you plan your wedding and make it great!