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The Secret World of Disney World Florida

Disneyworld is a magical place. From the steps of the Cinderella Castle to the dusty trails of the safari expeditions in the Animal Kingdom, there is much to see and do here. However, the magic of this ethereal kingdom extends far deeper than what meets the eye. Curious as to what magic this could be? Check out these secret and little known facts about Disneyworld!

The Magic Kingdom in Florida was the pet project of Walt Disney himself. He envisioned Epcot, a world of tomorrow, where Florida villas would eke out a harmonious utopia. Epcot was originally designed to be a futuristic society with its own mayor, police force and houses for people to live. Epcot today functions as a world of tomorrow, showcasing inventions and stage shows that utilize the best of modern technology.

Disney World

Have you ever wondered how the Disney Parks deal with all of the ridiculous amounts of garbage in their parks? Chutes! Yes, when you dump a dirty napkin or an empty soda cup into a trashcan within the Disneyworld Park, a chute pushes the trash underneath the ground through garbage chambers at 60 miles per hour. Now you know what’s really going on under your feet!

There is a system of underground tunnels that zigzag underneath the massive expanse that is Disneyworld. It would be impossible for employees to reach their destinations quickly if this were not the case. Character players often arrive at work within these tunnels and use them to “pop up” in the desired land.

If you look hard around the park, you will find secret paintings and images hidden within the architecture and natural foliage. Some of these paintings and images resemble Mickey Mouse Ears, while others resemble different Disney Characters. For example, near the exit on the Thunder Mountain Railroad is a cut-out hidden within the rocky landscape that depicts Tinkerbell.

Disney Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Carousal is located right inside the gates of the Cinderella Castle. A little known secret is that one of the noble steeds providing guests with a round-a-bout ride is adorned with a golden ribbon in his tail. It’s said that this horse is Cinderella’s favourite!

Prior to 2000, many people expected massive power outages and nothing short of the end of the world when the Millennium rolled around. Walt Disney had portable lights and generators installed around the park, hidden in shrubs and bushes, in the event that the Millennium caused an electrical outage.

Where do the Disneyworld cast members relax after working hard at the Magic Kingdom? It’s a little known fact that the secret hangout for these employees is the Big Bamboo Lounge in Kissimmee. The building is decorated with Cast Member memorabilia.

More than 3,500 different uniform designs are a part of the more than 2 ½ million piece wardrobe. However, none of the Disney workers wear uniforms. They wear “costumes,” and are to be referred to as “Cast Members,” and are required to don a smile as the most important aspect of their act.

The Walt Disneyworld Resort is an expanded version of the first Disney Park, Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Because of this, Disneyworld shares one of the most important secret designs that Walt Disney himself came up with. He designed the park so that you could only see one Land at a time, therefore encapsulating guests entirely into the Land in which they were residing. You will notice that there is a great deal of illusionary effects in Liberty Square, where although right next door to the Castle and other Fantasyland attractions, you’re unable to see them.

So why not give Disney World in Florida a try? Whether you stay in a Disney Hotel, a local hotel or one of the local villas you are sure to have a great time.

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