The World’s Best Secret Islands

After a 40 hour work week, almost everyone ends up fantasizing about some type of escape. For many, moving to an unknown island is a common fantasy. While purchasing and moving to a secluded island may not be a feasible option, going on a dream holiday to an island that is barely noticeable on a map can very easily be made into a reality.

Movies provide more than an escape from reality. They can also provide amazing ideas for future holiday spots. Mamma Mia was a box office hit for more reasons than one. The movie was filmed on the island of Skopelos, Greece which amazingly enough has managed to stay off the radar even after the movie hit cinemas. Cabanas and villa rentals are available for as low as 94 Euros a day. There are 26 beaches on the island, which means visitors have more than enough opportunities to admire the Aegean Sea.

Lummi Island by ms jordan, on Flickr

For those living on the west coast of the United States or those who are looking to stay within the states, Lummi Island is a small, secluded island that has remained a fairly unknown treasure. It is located just off the shores of Washington State and is the perfect getaway for individuals looking to enjoy a quiet, non-tropical getaway. Visitors can sit on the beaches and watch as whales dive in and out of the water or they can take advantage of the farmers markets and galleries that Lummi Island has to offer. This serene location appears untouched by human hands and is perfect for tourists who wish to admire nature’s beauty. Besides whale watching, Lummi Island is frequently referred to as a bird watcher’s paradise.

Tired of the hustle and bustle and the constant motor vehicle traffic that has become a part of daily life? Gili Trawangan, located near Lombok, Indonesia is the perfect location to get away from all of this. No vehicles are allowed on this tiny island. Instead, visitors and inhabitants are expected to get around on bicycles. Ocean front villas are available for rent for as low as $150 a day, depending on the location. For those looking to partake in activities such as fishing, diving, or simply enjoying a cold beer at an ocean-front café, Gili Trawangan is the obvious choice.

Hawaii isn’t the only island where one can venture through lava covered valleys. Pico, located near Portugal, is virtually unknown to most travellers, which is perplexing based on the attractions one can expect to enjoy when travelling to this location. A number of different volcanoes make up the physical geography of the island, creating awe-inspiring scenery. Pico is also known for its wine industry. Wine enthusiasts claim that the wine found in Pico is unlike any other wine they have ever tried.

Pico Island, Azores by terragraphica, on Flickr

Caye Caulker, a 15-mile long island located near Belize, has but one or two stoplights. It is a small, secluded island that is virtually unknown to most travellers. Belize Villas and cabanas are available to rent for just $105 a night, making it a perfect location for individuals working within a budget. Tourists can expect exceptional opportunities to swim amongst nurse sharks and stingrays or simply enjoy the amazing Caribbean water.

While places like Hawaii and Jamaica offer tourists an amazing holiday, sometimes the most relaxing and hassle free spots are those found off the beaten path. These secret islands provide the opportunity to escape the tourism and overpriced souvenirs. Instead of cheap necklaces and printed t-shirts, visitors to these gorgeous, secluded islands can expect a relaxing holiday that is unlike any other holiday they have ever experienced.