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World’s Most Excellent Cycling Routes

Those who love adventure cycling is the best choice for them. Here I gather a list which places are best for cycling.

Luberon and Mont Ventoux, Provence, France
Approach hilly Luberon with a traveling exhibition burden seems crazy, but hundreds of miles of marked hiking trails make it very pleasant, ancient Roman ruins, medieval castles and Ambrozijn to do wines. This sunny corner of Provence is a mixture of cultivated vineyards and ancient villages, rocky slopes fall haphazardly. Cool pine forests and blue lavender fields stretching away on both sides of the road. But the real goal here is the legendary Mont Ventoux stage of the Tour de France, a number of plays that dominate the landscape and in the silence, in order to attract pilgrims to the top drivers.

Mont Ventoux is usually above 1300m with snow from December to May are the end of the road is only during the summer months.

Isle of Wight, England
The Isle of Wight is a biking paradise, home to some of the richest areas of the United Kingdom: velvet lush hills roll into the sea, narrow streets of beautiful hedges, deep and mysterious green channels, and the island’s most striking feature, the ridge of cliffs the white chalk across the width extends. Although cyclists can enjoy the outdoor pleasures decades it has only in recent years that young Wight has started and trendy London in search of a romantic weekend at the seaside with a buzz – lure gastro pubs, hotels and a smooth festivals now offer full agenda.

Wightlink Ferries Ferries from Portsmouth to Ryde Pier fluctuate throughout the day, prices for the 18-minute crossing, but bikes are free.

West Coast, Tasmania, Australia
By law, Tasmania too small for large pockets of wilderness, but wild and untamed country stretching along the rugged west coast. Cycling country that would not be easy but it was not, with the Hill Climb queue one after the other – you notice they are not as much as the landscape that lasts will most famous mountain in Tasmania (Cradle Mountain), located on the sweetestsea (Strahan), the highest waterfall (Montezuma Falls) and one of the most beautiful lakes (Lake St. Clair), all on the streets, back in times such as roads.

Tasmania is producing discussed in an excellent series of four cards with information from the state government and Land Services Division.

County Clare, Ireland
Beginning in the fertile plains on both sides of the mouth of the Shannon, the route rolls past golden sandy beaches to the tragic Cliffs of Moher overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Then the music hotbed cities Milltown Malbay and Doolin, this is a pub, where you will be sung only when you look in a long breath – a holiday for the last song a monstrous breach of etiquette. From here towards the gray ruthless, but charming limestone expanse of the Burren, reminiscent of a lunar landscape. Then a stay in the country strolled back Yeats’ for a loop with soft landscape mosaic County Clare.

May and June are best for wildflowers in the Burren, while some houses to open only from June to August. Book well ahead in July and August.

San Juan Islands, Washington, USA

The ferry takes you and your trusty horse carriage weaves its way from Seattle or Anacortes quiet, the perfect introduction to the slow, quiet nature of these islands. There are coastal, secluded coves, forested rural scenery and quiet roads. The three main islands, Lopez, Orcas and San Juan each have their own distinctive charm, with historic sites and art galleries. The terrain is hilly, but anyone can be driven in a day, enough time for seals, otters, sea lions and whales, or the odd black-tailed deer and eagles further inland.

Washington State Ferries, the main route between Anacortes and the islands. The Victoria Clipper runs from Seattle to Friday Harbor.

La Farola, Cuba
Cuba is a fascinating pleasure at the level of the helmet. Try the spectacular descent along the highway nine kilometers La Farola, the crown of Baracoa Mountains to the south coast. The highway clings to rocks in tropical vegetation, hung with railing to protect you from the drop-to-no cracking, curved front of a huge limestone cliff to the next, each in turn, provides a closer look at wild open ocean. Created by the revolutionary government, is this beautiful mountain highway an irresistible challenge for cyclists. Traditionally, the first stage of the Vuelta Ciclista is Cuba (Cuba answer to the Tour de France) run on this route.

Food options are minimal: ready to eat out of your panniers. It is also important to provide your own bike equipment and first aid supplies.

National Highway 1, Vietnam
This iconic road runs the length of the narrow land from north to south. It is the most popular bike path in Vietnam, a long but very worthwhile tour of the best parts of the coast of Vietnam.The route has a fair number of hills, culminating in the massive rise Hai Van Pass (496m) – with a breathtaking descent and pine-covered mountains in the west and disappears to the South China Sea in the east. Take your time along the road to the lush rice fields of the hidden valleys networks inerting, fish, snorkel or dive in the turquoise waters of the coastal views, and enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful rural hamlet.

The Indochina Trekking Company in Hanoi offers a variety of biking adventures in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Cape Breton Iceland, Canada
This route is justifiably famous for the landscape best known – a breathtaking cliff, crystal clear Bras d’Or inland sea and the rising ridge of the Cape Breton Highlands – especially in its colors of autumn. But adventurers hills are invigorating mountain be satisfied with a few hard climbs and descents heart throb. In conjunction with local flora (such as beaver, elk and deer), picturesque fishing villages, a fascinating culture of Irish-Scottish roots grown French and lots of fresh ocean air, Cape Breton has the whole package.

The Celtic Colours music festival is a great time wandering in October for a visit.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
With the cycling often overlooked, even more spectacular expanses of the north-eastern corner of Italy, you have the opportunity to closely explore this earthly region. Ways that make for easy driving, Slovenian farmers their fields in the sun to tend the vines hang lascivious hills, and smell the freshly plowed earth and feel the cool wind, the sweat of thy face. Then in the evening hours, in a piazza for the sampling of the region’s famous white wines and the relaxed atmosphere relaxing locals meet for a chat. The route of the icing on the cake is the final determination of the picturesque coast of Istria spin.

Otago Peninsula, New Zealand
The first half definitely laid-back and the second part of something, but the mixture of nature and sweat make this one of the best day trips in the country. From a university Dunedin City soon the outer scales of the city and succumb to the temptations of the street. The serpentine meanders along the coast pleasant, expansive views of the ocean, and made the ground for cycling. Then suddenly there is a sharp right turn and you’re always climbing up like a fighter jet. Get ready to make the climbs, fast descents and the odd albatross to you company. The route must be the year when conditions are dry. However, they are less likely to suffer frostbite down in June to August.