Holiday Homes in France: South of France Villa Holidays

A trip to the South of France provides travellers with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best aspects of both a Mediterranean holiday and a European holiday. This makes southern France a perfect destination for families seeking a relaxing trip to the beach, couples in need of a romantic break from everyday life, and groups of friends interested in exploring historical villages or enjoying a night out on the town in the casinos of the French Riviera.

Beautiful year-round weather and sandy, sun-soaked beaches have made South of France holidays an always-popular choice among travellers from around the world. The Mediterranean climate makes any time of the year a good time for traveling to this area. Many travellers prefer to book holiday homes in France during the winter months to escape the cold back home. Others choose to book their travel either before July or after August to avoid the crowds of tourists that flock to the area during those months.

South of France holidays are ideal for families, particularly because they provide a delightful blend of options that are sure to include something that will appeal to everyone. For example, traveling to the Midi-Pyrenees region is a popular choice for those with younger children and offers both popular tourist attractions and outdoor activities. Museums, castles and caves can be found throughout the region and are waiting to be explored. And the town of Souillac provides an old-world backdrop to some of the most popular family attractions in the area, such as the famous Abbatiale-Sainte-Marie Abbey and the Museum of Automatons, which is home to an impressive collection of automated toys crafted between 1860 and 1960. For families that enjoy outdoor activities, there is also hiking, biking, canoeing and swimming nearby.

An example image of a south of France property is provided below. This property is located in Marseille, overlooking the Vieux port and sleeps up to 6 people.

south of France property

Those interested in holiday homes in France that are in close proximity to some of the region’s most intriguing historical sites might want to consider making their holiday home base in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region. This region is home to Marseille, which is the second largest city in France and is generally considered the oldest. The Marseille area has been home to human occupants for nearly 30,000 years, making this vibrant port city particularly interesting to history buffs. Visitors to this area can explore medieval fortresses, visit flower fields that once inspired Van Gogh or travel the short distance to Aix-en-Provence to breathe in its old-world charm.

Of course, there is no shortage of history anywhere you travel in the South of France, including four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a variety of castles, Roman structures and walled medieval villages.

For those who prefer modern attractions, amazing beaches or rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, there is also Montpellier, Saint Tropez and, of course, Monaco. Saint Tropez has long been known as the holiday spot for those who want to see and be seen, and this world-famous beach resort continues to be a destination of choice today. Montpellier blends the past with the present as home to charming historic buildings, as well as modern museums and a vibrant technology industry, making it a good choice for those in search of holiday homes in France that provide easy access to a variety of attractions, as well as beaches, dining, shopping, arts and culture.

Cannes, Lyon and Nice are other exceedingly popular resort towns where visitors will find an excellent blend of family-friendly attractions, historic sites, places to take romantic strolls and opportunities to partake in outdoor activities close by.

There is no wrong time of year or wrong area to visit when it comes to South of France holidays. Everywhere in the region enjoys moderate weather throughout the year and each area has its own unique draws that will appeal to different types of travellers. Whether you are looking for a beachfront resort or a retreat in the countryside, holiday homes in France that located in this picturesque region are sure to provide the perfect home base for your travels.

Alan Horton authored this article, he lives in the UK and is a regular author of online travel articles.