Nature and Adventure in Central America

If you’ve been cooped up too long in one place and are thinking of going on a thrilling adventure that takes you closer to the natural world and yourself, then you should consider visiting a few of the numerous lush nature spots that Central America has to offer the wanton traveller.

Although Central America is sometimes overlooked by tourists because of its small size compared to the huge continent of South America below it, it has more than its share of natural wonders.


Check out Lake Atitlan

The scenic areas nearby Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is a backpackers paradise with a sprinkling of Mayan culture thrown in for good measure. The Lake is a volcanic one and is overlooked by three volcanoes. Once you have explored the region on foot you should take a break and rent out one of the lanchas or small boats at the Lake and spend some time just admiring the splendid view with your loved one or family. If you’ve ventured alone and want a group to explore with, there are guided tours for an extra fee.

A Hike in the Clouds!

Once you’ve energized yourself with this trip it’s time to head to nature at its most diverse in the Cloud Forests of Panama where there are cabins in the deep forests which can be rented and tours too to keep your schedule brimming with invigorating activity. As you hike through the forest observing the stunning flora and fauna you might come across one of the hot springs that are closeby. These places are well known for their awe inspiring views so keep that camera handy. No one would believe you otherwise if you try describing the beautiful scenes you saw here without pictures as proof.

Witness the Blue Hole and go Cave tubing at Belize

In Belize, you can go to see a sight which is not just beautiful but also rare. The Blue hole is a 400 feet deep natural occurence. Also called cenotes, the blue hole and its nearby crystal clear waters are known for being scuba diving hotspots. If you are an experienced scuba diver, you could even try to go as deep as you dare into this cavernous cenote. But others will have a whale of a time just exploring the abundant marine life which would include sightings of various species of harmless sharks. Nothing like a shark sighting to make your holiday a little extra special!

Taste the El Salvadorian Country way of Life!


Amidst the numerous hiking trails and quaint spots selling antiques for wandering travellers, you can live the country life for a while with frequent horse-riding sessions and trying to find the best nook in the fascinating trails you find here. Not to mention that you can stay at a comfy lodge and enjoy wholesome country food while you’re at it.

The good thing about Central America is that no matter which country you venture to there seems to be a never ending list of unspoilt locales where you either put your feet up at a nature resort or rough it out in the wild and return to civilization only to have a restful sleep.

Get back to Civilization!

When all the fun and adventure of being right next to nature is had, you might want to let your hair loose at Panama city which although is bustling also has charming places to visit like the Panama Viejo or Old Panama which is an entire 15th century city preserved amidst the new city. A few leisurely days here and you are all set to return to your life, an invigorated person.

Michelle R. Meza is a Costa Rican writer living in Liberia City. You can find her articles at the Costa Rica travel blog. She enjoys writing mostly about Central and South America.