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Oman Holidays Overview

Up until just 20 or so years ago the Sultanate of Oman, second largest country in Arabia, was secretive and reclusive, its people kept from the modern world by a repressive ruler to the point that the gates of the capital city, Muscat, were closed from dusk to dawn. The surly Sultan, however, was overthrown by his British-educated son in 1970, and since then Oman has been gradually gaining confidence and wealth, catching up with the times and cautiously welcoming a trickle of tourists at Seeb International Airport.

Oman occupies the south eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, bordered by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It’s topography is varied and dramatic, with rocky mountains and deep water inlets in the north, rolling dunes and salt flats in the central interior, verdant green hills in the southern Dhofar province, and a coastline stretching thousands of miles with magnificent beaches and cosy coves.

Sultan Qaboos bin Said has realised that tourism is an integral part of his modernisation programme, but thus far it is the wealthy who are being urged to bring their holiday funds to spend in Oman. Sightseeing and activities are mainly restricted to Muscat and the southern town of Salalah, famed for its seafood, frankincense trees and the ruins of the palace of the Queen of Sheba. Accommodation is offered mainly in luxury resort hotels.

Making use of oil revenue Muscat has taken on the veneer of a prosperous modern Arab city, without losing its olde worlde charm and heritage, featuring forts, palaces and other historic sites of interest to visitors, as well as an exciting traditional souq (bazaar) and some stunning long sandy beaches like Qurum, Bandar Al-Jissah and Yeti.

Entry Requirements for Oman Holidays & Oman Travel

All visitors (except those with Gulf Co-Operation Council passports) require a visa to enter Oman. Visas can be obtained on arrival: either a single entry ‘Visit Visa’ for a stay of up to a month, or a multiple entry visa, valid for a year (maximum stay three weeks with a maximum three weeks between visits). Fee is OMR6 per person. Those entering from Dubai or holding a tourist visa for Qatar do not require a visa. All visitors require a passport valid for six months (or a year for a multiple entry visa), and an onward or return ticket.