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Tropical Beaches and Grass Skirts or The Big Apple?

What sort of person are you?
grass skirts
Do you love endless stretches of white sandy picturesque beaches that are fringed with coconut filled palm trees? Or do you prefer a much more fast pace of life in the heart of a hustling and bustling super metropolis, the biggest the world has ever seen?

Whichever categories you fit in, when it comes to holiday destinations it appears that people are either one or the other. So whether there’s a Amazon, warrior,  jungle Queen or king lurking under that office suit of yours or you’re a city slicker through and though and expect pure luxury in every form; below we have two destinations that will suit both tastes in every way possible!

Fading away in a hammock with a mai-tai cocktail on some of the best beaches you’ve ever seen!

Imagine yourself swaying in the warm breeze in a soft cotton hammock; sipping on lightly boozed rum cocktails whilst the sun playfully dances across your face…you look out over crystal clear blue waters and white sands that stretch all the way to the horizon…this is Hawaii!

Made up of hundreds of little islands, Hawaii is the ultimate tropical escape for those seeking sun, sea, and happy times. Here you can trek through the amazing rainforests of Honolulu and spot the exotic wildlife that dwell in the canopy above and all around you on the forest floor.

Or for the more adventurous among you, take a trip to the Big Islands Volcano National Park where you will witness firsthand the after-effects of Mount Kilauea’s most recent eruption. The volcanic activity in this region has crafted a wonderfully unique and scorched landscape you will not find many other places on the planet, so take it all in whilst your here.

‘Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…’

Yes, Frank Sinatra loved this amazing city and it’s a certainly you will too. New York has to be one of the most famous places in the world with it being constantly referenced in movies like King Kong all the way to comic books such as Spiderman and Dare Devil.

With its infamous landmarks; The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State building and the legendary central park where you can hang out with all your ‘Friends’ (and hopefully bump into a few famous ones!), New York really does offer you a unique and fascinating experience unlike no other.

Although the weather might not be quiet as sunny as Hawaii, you can do such things as taking a 15 minute helicopter tour all over the ‘Big Apples’ infamous skyline to really see it in all its true glory! Or simply kickback in one of the many New York diners for the best milkshake and burger you’ll ever have in your life.

Although they were stereotypes formed at the start of this article, some of you out there may like both options. For you, lots of travel operators offer multi-centre holidays and fly-drive options so you can literally have it all!

Maria can never choose between Hawaii holidays or New York holidays, so best stop day dreaming and start saving up!

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