What You Need To Bring For Every Bike Tour

Do you need some help in packing your bags for what could be your very first bike tour? You aren’t alone. You wouldn’t want to finish your bike tour with bad sunburns, extreme fatigue and possibly a few injuries, so make sure to take note of the following tips, which shouldn’t be as hectic as they may sound at first.

For those whose tours include some evening biking, be especially careful of furry critters lurking in the woods should you pass through there. Since bike touring isn’t literally a walk in the park, you would quite obviously need to have water bottles along for the trip.

When going on a bike tour, you can’t count on there being a store for you to pick a drink up. Some bike tours, in fact, can have you biking for miles before you see a business establishment!


Kits such as patch kits and first-aid kits are also necessary. Patch kits generally cost no more than five dollars and will be put to very good use. As far as first-aid kits go, they should cost no more than twenty dollars. You won’t need a 700 piece set for a bike tour, but you can’t just go with a few band aids and expect to be completely prepared for everything life will toss at you.

For about fifteen dollars for each, flashlights and headlamps are two other essential pieces of equipment for evening biking. An extra pump and other tools are greatly recommended. To avoid sunburn, purchase some sunscreen, protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses and to make sure you don’t get lost, bring a map with you.

In case you may fall ill or have any pre-existing medical condition or allergy, have some medications handy in a little baggie. Any toiletries that you may need – including toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, Aloe Vera, etc., should be wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent any spillage. Depending on where your bike tour will be passing, you can also bring some bug spray along with you.

The weather can be unpredictable on your bike tour, so make sure your clothes are layered. Make sure you bring clothes you can wear after your bike ride. Extra bike shorts – one padded, one not – will help you stay clean and dry throughout the entire tour.

You may have to wash your clothes during the trip, so bring some detergent soap with you. Weather, as mentioned above, can be quite fickle – in case the rains start pouring, a rain jacket or windbreaker will suit you fine.

If you’re going overnight, equipment for camping is required. Bring some cooking tools and a plate set to prepare your meals, and have a tent, some pillows and sleeping bags ready as well. When it comes to the food you shall eat, make sure that it doesn’t get spoiled if not refrigerated. You may opt to bring cold cuts like hot dogs or sausages, but make sure you keep them in a cooler – it is always better to bring high-energy foods like granola bars that don’t get spoiled easily.

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