Hidden Croatia A Visitors Guide

Croatia’s timeless beauty attracts visitors from all over the world who come to experience what this small Mediterranean country has to offer. With a gorgeous coastline that outlines the Adriatic Sea, and breathtaking islands and inlets, Croatia is a tourist paradise. Surrounded by the neighbouring countries of Slovenia, Montenegro, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia, Croatia is definitely in good company.

Croatia holidays are filled with exploration, beach lounging, and historical lessons in Croatian culture. Visitors will be in awe of the marvellous Mediterranean architecture while strolling down cobblestone streets.

Also, many visitors come to Croatia to see the castles and fortresses that are hundreds of years old, and learn about royal and aristocratic life. Every year, millions of people visit the numerous museums, theatres, art galleries, churches, parks, cinemas and libraries in Croatia, and leave with memories that last a lifetime.

Krka River, Croatia

May through until September is the best time to visit Croatia, as the weather temperatures are at a nice level and the water is warm. However, June through August will be a bit hotter, and these are the peak months for tourism.

Since the weather is pleasant during this time of year, there are a lot of outdoor activities that can be explored. It’s the perfect time for villa holidays. Sunbathing and swimming are favourite pastimes during these months. For the diving, sailing and nautical enthusiasts, Croatia boasts 78 reefs among the laid out islands.

There are many ways to experience Croatia’s magnificent sea life. Professional diving courses are available for beginners wanting to get up close and personal with the coral reefs. Sailing is also ideal for venturing out to sea. The marinas are plentiful, with tons of yachts for rent to sail the Adriatic Sea.

The rivers of Croatia are another reason to enjoy the sunny outdoors and the crystal waters. Canoeing, kayaking and white water rafting, are all unforgettable water excursions that take visitors on rivers such as the Neretva delta, Kupa, Una, Dobra and Cetina.

The mountains and lands of Croatia are just as exciting as the waters. There are a variety of hiking trails to choose from for the beginners who want to stay on low ground, to the adventurous climbers who want to mountain climb to great heights. Visitors have many options to get in touch with nature.

There are many horse centres and family farms that offer horse riding lessons and therapeutic riding adventures. Some of the centres may also offer multiple day trek journeys, ATV safari trips and recreational rides through the trails and mountains.

When it’s time to unwind from the day’s activities, visitors can check into one of the many luxurious Croatian villas, or go out to experience some traditional Croatian cuisine. The cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean, Roman, Turkish, Hungarian, Viennese and Greek. You will find dishes ranging from goulash and lamb to Zagrebački odrezak, which is Wiener schnitzel stuffed with ham and cheese.

The Croatian Kuna is the unit of currency in Croatia. Since Croatia is known to be less expensive than some of its European counterparts, money will go far here. With so many things to see and do in this beautiful country, Croatia holidays are becoming the ideal choice for many visitors wanting to experience European beauty at its finest, and for a reasonable price.