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Stunning Summer Cruises – Greek Isles, Norway and Bermuda

Feel the urge to get away from it all and travel the world, but without the hassle of constantly changing hotels? Of course! And this year summer cruises are far better value than ever before. From the the glaciers of Norway, to the colourful shopping of tropical ports, to the laid-back life of the islands, all with lots of bright blue sea; summer cruise deals are just what you need this year. The Greek Isles, Bermuda and Norway are three stunning destinations you will never forget.

The Greek Isles

The Greek Isles are sunny and busy in the summer, with travellers from around the world coming to experience the sights, beaches, dining and club scenes first hand. The beauty and history of Greece are legendary: the Parthenon in Athens, the fabled Delphi Oracle, and the militant Sparta – the ancient wonders of Greece are all around you, especially in the islands. Here you will find endless beautiful islands in crystal blue waters, pure white villages like Santorini, colourful markets and beaches, and the quiet and peace of islands like Kythira. On Mykonos an exciting and fun-filled evening in the stylish clubs, restaurants and shops amid the labyrinth of the older areas can be followed next day on secluded beaches for a quiet, relaxing change of pace. The Greek experience is one you will never forget.


In the southeast of Norway, the capital Oslo is famous for many tourism activities: dining, museums, music, art, science and sports. Mountains and glacial valleys, and the Dovrefjell National Park – known as the home of the Hall of the Mountain King – are in the southwest. The small port of Bergen is active and beautiful in the summer, with fine dining and late night bars and clubs. Then you sail north along one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world, where majestic mountains and the deep blue sea meet in beautiful fjords. Farther up the coast is Trondheim, where you can visit the ancient church of Nidaros, an 11th century cathedral. The amazing scenery and culture of Norway continue north all the way to Tromsø. A cruise of Norway offers hundreds of sights and experiences all the way up into Arctic Ocean, near the borders with Finland and Russia – the land of the midnight sun.


The semi-tropical island of Bermuda is a combination of British charm and exquisite beaches and scenery. The famous beaches of incredibly soft sand tinted pink by tiny bits of red coral, combined with lush golf courses, a diverse and colourful shopping district, bars, clubs and nightlife, all make Bermuda an exciting summer destination. There are three main ports on the island, including Hamilton, which is the largest port, and is the busy center of shopping, restaurants and nightlife on the island, all within a short walk of the docks. King’s Wharf is a port in the far northwest corner of the island, on Somerset Isle, near the Royal Navy Dockyards. Shops and the Maritime Museum are nearby, and full of activity and fun for the family. The old town of St George also has docks for cruise ships, a full-sized replica of the Deliverance of 1610, the old church of St Peter, and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 2000. Cultured and wild, beautiful and friendly, reefs and volcanic rock, and fabulous beaches make Bermuda a must-visit cruise destination.

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