Top Honeymoon Destinations

If you plan to tie the knot sometime soon, it is advisable that you plan ahead for the honeymoon since it requires a significant amount of planning and preparation. Also, the sooner you plan your honeymoon, the sooner you will be able to arrange the travel plans and book your holiday accommodation. Below are some of the top destinations for honeymoons to suit preferences of different types of couples from the party loving and the adventurous ones to the low key and the laid-back type:


seychelles 2007

Seychelles is a tropical paradise-like island located in the Indian Ocean. The island has gained more popularity than it ever did after the newlywed royal couple Prince William and Duchess Catherine flew off to Seychelles a week after tying the knot. According to the media reports, the couple rented the entire island for their over-a-week stay. While that is obviously everybody’s dream, it is not exactly practicable. The next best thing to that could be staying at one of the holiday accommodations on the island, most of which are rather laid-back. You can laze around on the island, indulge in relaxing spas or head to the beach along with a book, relax and unwind.

South of France

Southern France

The lush hillsides, pure wine and cheerful restaurants offer to make dreams come true for many couples that go to chapel-strewn country side of South France there for honeymoons. Southern France includes many beautiful towns including Nimes, Carcassonne, Marseille, Pezenas and Sommieres, where intimate and scenic holiday accommodation can be found. Renting a south of France villa will give you the privacy and intimacy you need on a honeymoon, rather than being in a crowded hotel with only walls separating you from the next room.

Lake Como

Lake Como View

Lake Como in Italy is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. Once popular among the royalty only, Lake Como nowadays is home to many luxury resorts and hotels that are surrounded by beautiful lush gardens. There is a golf course, onsite spa, delicious Italian cuisine and even a fitness centre. The best part is that Lake Como is only an hour drive away from Milan, which means shopping is a must in that visit.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley

If you and your prospective spouse are particularly fond of wine, good food and lush landscape, Napa Valley is the place to go. There are various ranch houses around, which offer all the essentials for any honeymoon couple.


Anguilla island

One of the Caribbean Islands is a must in any top tourist destination list, and Anguilla is the one on top for a honeymoon destination list. If you want to see deep greenish blue water, white sandy beaches, luxurious hotels and a relaxing environment, you definitely want to consider Anguilla for your after wedding trip. It is certainly no surprise that Anguilla is one of the popular getaway stations for celebrities like Brad Pitt and Beyonce.

Kitasaku District


Kitasaku District in Japan can give you a true memorable honeymoon and an “escape” in the real sense of the term escape. It is nowhere near the hustle bustle of Tokyo city; instead it offers a laid back and slightly remote atmosphere. When the sun sets, you can actually see little lanterns floating on the river.

North Male Atoll, Maldives


North Male Atoll is the largest island of Maldives, consisting of various luxurious water villas right above the ocean. This is a good honeymoon destination for those who like lavish spa treatments, fancy cuisines and beach activities like sailing and snorkelling.



What can you not love about looking at the snow capped mountains from outside the window while sitting in a cosy house by fire, sipping a latte or hot chocolate! Switzerland has to be one of the very few places in the world, which is actually more beautiful than they look in the photos. Although you can go all-year round, it is perfectly appropriate for honeymoons in winters in particular.

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